Shannon  Marie  Artistry

"Enhance Your Natural Beauty!"

Shannon Marie Artistry

Enhance Your Natural Beauty!

 Professional & Published Makeup Artist
Hair Stylist - Lash Artist - Tan Expert 


SMA Beauty
Airbrush & Traditional Makeup
Special Event Hair Styling
Organic Airbrush Tan
Lash Extensions

Shannon Marie graduated from The Academy of Cosmetic Arts & Sciences in September of 2012. ACAS is an elite teaching institute specializing in cosmetic enhancement.  a national academy licensed by Florida Department of Education & recognized by medical professionals/(IBMS) International board of Medicine & Science. Shannon Marie successfully completed outstanding practical indications of academic excellence in the field of-
* Professional Makeup Artistry & it's application in day, evening, events, color blending & facial geometry.
* Professional Multi-Media Makeup/Airbrush & it's application for film, print, television & bridal.
*Semi Permanent Lash Extensions
"When it comes to beauty whatever makes you look good and feel good is is right"
 --Francois Nars


Profesionally Published Makeup Artist.
Event Hair Stylist.
Lash Artist.
Skin Expert.

A girl should be two things- classy & Fabulous"

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